Friday, July 13, 2012

JAXconf-2012: JSF - Components & Mobile

JAX Conf 2012

RichFaces represented at the 2012 JAX conference in San Francisco this week. I presented three times on two JSF topics. The conference was overall a great success in my opinion – while not the most highly attended conference at which I’ve presented, those that attended were highly engaged and happy to have such direct access to the speakers.

Indeed this was one of my preferred aspects to JAX conf. One couldn’t help but be impressed with the calibre of speakers that flocked to the JAX brand for their 2nd annual North American conference. Unfortunately I missed the speaker summit over the weekend, but there was no shortage of conversation during the famous “hallway track”. Events like JAX are great catalysts, bringing communities together to foster fantastic innovation! It’s surely just a matter of time until the US and Canadian java developers catch on – next year’s conference will be an even bigger success, I’m sure!

Communities coming together at JAX

My first presentation on Mobile JSF + RichFaces was quite similar to the mobile RichFaces talk I presented earlier this month at JBoss World. The session begins with my proposal that the mobile web is important and unavoidable in today’s market. I then demonstrate how one can build mobile web applications using “vanilla JSF”, then we look at the value-add of introducing RichFaces to simplify the process of building mobile web applications with JSF. Feel free to dig into the slides.

My second talk on JSF components took a similar approach. We begin at looking how we can quickly, rapidly, and easily build custom JSF components leveraging existing jQuery plugins. We then finish by looking at how building similar components with the RichFaces CDK gives us greater expressivity, and an effective workaround for some known JSF 2 composite components bugs. I had the pleasure of giving this talk twice at the conference: the first time in an abbreviated form at a JAX community evening event, and again a 2nd time the following day to the JAX conf attendees, this time diving further into the details. Check out the slides here.

Overall I have to say this is one of my favourite conferences both to attend and at which to present. The folks who run JAX definitely know how to put a conference together, and I look forward to speaking again at any future events!

Monday, July 2, 2012

JBW-2012 and RichFaces Mobile

I just returned from an excellent trip to the Red Hat Summit/JBoss World in Boston. The event was fantastic, kicking off with a great keynote demoing Drools in a Mobile scenario. Following the keynote were a number of great sessions, including one I presented on the topic of Mobile RichFaces Applications.

The session was well received, with some good discussion afterwards. In the session I motivated mobile web applications as a must-have in today’s market – users’ will want and expect a functional web application even if your native application is better. I then demonstrated how JSF w/ RichFaces can be an effective means for providing mobile web applications, particularly if it’s a technology stack in which you are already invested. Feel free to check out my slides (be sure to use the space key to advance through the pages). I’m looking forward to seeing the mobile applications people will do with these tools, particularly once we get our mobile slidfast components out the door.

After my session on RichFaces mobile, we re-convened for a mobile BOF with some of the other mobile related projects at JBoss (Aerogear, Errai, and the Demo app Ticket Monster). Here the discussion got very lively with a number of personalities both on the panel and in the audience getting their opinions out. It’s always great to hear user/customer feedback on our projects, with people oftentimes using the tools we provide in use cases we never envisioned.

Aside from the sessions, BOFs, and the invaluable “hallway track” there were plenty of other things to do in the great city of Boston. I managed to catch a game at Fenway park: the Red Sox vs. the Blue Jays – sadly my fellow Canadians weren’t able to pull through with a win. We also got to visit the park again two days later in a conference event. This time we had a free-run over the park and I got my picture taken swinging over home plate!

Thanks to all my team mates and our fantastic user community who made the event a success – I look forward to seeing you again next year!